About Us

Two of the original members of the Board of Directors of DVLF, Bryan Cavan and Gary Leshaw have served on the board for the entire 32 years the Foundation has been in existence.  Gary Leshaw served as the secretary of the board since the beginning and was named president in 2008.  Bryan Cavan served as the president from 1985 through 2008 and still serves on the Board.  They were both instrumental in the formation of the Foundation and have continued to nurture its success.  Martin Huddleston has served on the Board of Directors since August 1985 and has served as treasurer since August 1988.  Prior to that time he had been an invaluable volunteer taking on many family law cases.  Mr. Huddleston continues to graciously give his time and talent to serve the Foundation and its clients.  The DeKalb County citizens as well as the county's courts and the legal community as a whole owe a debt of gratitude to these three individuals.  Their efforts have ensured the right of equal access to justice for hundreds of individuals.